Interested in getting your coin listed?

Coin developers, or indeed anyone with a desire to list a new or existing coin, can add an Altcoin to the Drachmae Exchange Market platform, potentially exposing it to multiple exchanges worldwide. This unique feature allows users to create pairings between any of the coins available on the Drachmae Exchange Market platform, including other Altcoins, digital currencies and Fiat currencies.

Why List An Altcoin?

Altcoin listing is predominantly useful to coin developers, or holders of large amounts of a certain Altcoin.  This unique feature allows Drachmae Exchange Market users to list almost any Altcoin, regardless of its popularity, value and common pairings, potentially exposing it to thousands of users across the Drachmae Exchange Market network.  This allows the coin to be traded against a number of Altcoins, digital currencies and Fiat currencies, as well as on a number of international exchanges, which can affect its trade volume, public exposure and value.

How to List an Altcoin on Drachmae Exchange Market?

Listing an Altcoin is not restricted, but a Drachmae Exchange Market account must first be created.  The process is very simple and can be done following the instructions below:

  1. Send wallet and integration instructions to Drachmae Exchange Market development team
  2. Pay an installation cost of 5 BTC
  3. Deposit Altcoin onto the system
Having listed your Altcoin, you can then pair the Altcoin against any currency available on the Drachmae Exchange Market platform.  

If you wish to list an Altcoin for just 5 BTC,